Meet the Odom family. Where nobody is perfect. I find this family very interesting because I feel like there’s much mystery to uncover with them. I don’t know exactly what but you know when you’re feeling spontaneous and start playing with a family or sim you have never played and their story just unravels in […]

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Stormy’s Community Offering

We still have one more family to meet before we go all in with building up this community but I wanted to check in with Stormy and Dozer and see what we could do with the garden as well. (And also I’m slightly obsessed with how cute Dozer is to!) She decided that since she […]

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The Salim Family

This will be another short intro because I did not have time to play a thorough amount of time but I have played this family before in my own time and they hold a special place in my heart. I hope you grow to like them to. I actually created this family months ago when […]

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The Velazquez Family

Meet the Velazquez Family.   Lorenzo Velasquez: Aspiration: Computer Whiz Traits: Good, Dog Lover, Vegetarian Ariana Velazquez: Aspiration: Painter Extrodonaire Traits: Romantic, Insider, Self-Assured Julian Velazquez: (Toddler) Trait: Independent Angel Velasquez: (Child) Aspiration: Artist Prodigy Trait: Social Butterfly Katia Velasquez: (Teen) Aspiration: Master Chef Traits: Loves Outdoors, Self-Assured Maxie: (Dog) Traits: Loyal, Hairy, Smart Cana: […]

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The Salvatore Family

Damon and Bonnie Salvatore have just met and moved into their campsite together. They are still in their beginning stages of their relationship. I only gave Bonnie Damon’s last name for the sole purpose of marrying them one day. Damon Salvatore: Aspiration: Master Mixologist Traits: Creative, Insane, and Childish I would like to note and […]

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The Bennett Family

Meet the Bennett Family. Kiara Bennett: Elder, Aspiration: Renaissance Sim Traits: Creative. Music Lover. Art Lover   Georges Bennett: Elder Aspiration: Super Parent Traits: Dog Lover. Unflirty. Good   Vikram Bennett: Young Adult Aspiration: The Curator Traits: Creative. Klepto. Materialistic   Lizzy Bennett: Young Adult Aspiration: Outdoor Enthusiast Traits: Romantic. Snob. Self Assured   Sophia […]

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Stormy’s Garden

Meet Stormy and Dozer. Here’s a little bit about them: Stormy’s Traits: Dog Lover, Childish. Goofball Her skills are pretty much maxed out so here are some additions: Mentor, Incredibly Friendly. Great Storyteller, Always Welcome. Beloved, Speed Cleaner. Shameless. Observant. Gym Rat. Gregarious. Animal Affection Dozer’s Traits: Loyal. Playful. Couch Potato This is their camp. […]

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